Presenting the new Lagoon 51

Introducing the brand new - Lagoon 51


At the beginning of January 2022, the Lagoon company announced the presentation of its new catamaran. The Lagoon 51, a new catamaran from the luxury vessel segment, will have its world premiere in April 2022 at the International Multihull Show. 


What is new?

The new model, the Lagoon 51, comes as the latest existing model of Lagoon 50. 

Compared to the Lagoon 50, the new model comes with a raised cockpit and sundeck, as on other Lagoons new models, the end cockpit has been converted into a private sunnydeck, while allowing easy and simple boarding.

 For easy circulation on board, the level between the cockpit in the transom is minimized to two steps and is a practical and necessary solution.


Lagoon 51 end cockpit


Flybridge has been transformed into a casual seating area with comfortable and modular sofas.

The captain's seat has been extended so he can operate the boat alone, or have company while doing so. 

Lagoon 51 flybridge

On the front cockpit, there is a comfortable area for relaxing and enjoying the view.  It is possible to set up a shadow sail for relaxing in shade.

The saloon is made in accordance with the new catamarans from Lagoon's factory, so the entire interior is designed in such a way that the interior and exterior work harmoniously and allow for the most possible fluctuation in the space, while still keeping in mind the owner's comfort.

 Lagoon 51 saloon


Sustainable development of Lagoon


The Lagoon is committed to developing and using more sustainable technologies and materials for the construction of its ships.

In an effort to protect the environment, the company strives to use sustainable materials in the development and construction of the ship wherever possible.

For instance, fiberglass has been replaced with the hemp fibers. The company uses recycled materials for textiles and uses ecological and biodegradable cleaning products. In addition, the interior uses wood with FSC certification. FSC certification usually means that the forests are managed in an environmentally friendly way with respect for all participants within its own system.

According to that, Lagoon offered customers the option of installing rooftop solar panels. With this technology, the ship becomes more autonomous, except for air conditioning.

Lagoon 51 solar panels

The solar panels fit perfectly into the catamaran line and do not interfere with the cockpit functions at all.

What else is new on the model we will find out in April at the presentation of Lagoon 51.

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