Istria and Kvarner region


Istria is the largest Croatian and Adriatic peninsula. Istria is the largest green oasis in the northern Adriatic. 
Along the coast and on the islands are dominated by pine forests and recognizable green macchia.
It is famous for its historic towns, a rich gastronomic offer which includes great wines, olive oils, truffles and attractive inland towns. 

The biggest nautical ports of Istria are Pula and Rovinj. Interesting places for sailing are Limski Channel, Brijuni Archipelago, towns Vrsar and Porec. National Park Brijuni, is also worth visiting because of its historical and natural heritage.

Kvarner or Kvarner Bay is a bay in the northeastern part of the Adriatic Sea, situated between Istria and the Croatian Mainland. Town Rijeka is the largest trade port in Croatia. Although not nautically interesting, Rijeka is a city known for its cultural manifestations. The largest islands of Kvarner Bay are Krk, Cres, Losinj, Rab and Pag.  This part of the Adriatic is particularly attractive for experienced sailors due to the steep and rocky coast and weather conditions, especially because of NE wind Bura that even reaches stormy force even in the summer. The biggest nautical port is Punat on Krk. 

The biggest commercial airport in this area is Pula airport.


If you think to charter a catamaran in Croatia must-see places in Istria and Kvarner are:

  • Brijuni - Croatian national park with over 14 islands. National park Brijuni is an important historical, geological and nautical area. There are few hotels and villa for accommodation. You can go sightseeing by touristic train, by bikes or by golf vehicle

  • Rovinj - it is called the most romantic city in Istria. Walkthrough the old center that boasts Venetian heritage, see the cathedral on the top of the old town or take a trip to the nearby Red Island
  • Pula - the city is known for marvelous Roman amphitheater from the 1st century which is still in use for concerts and festivals. Pula has been an industrial city in the past but now is a city of many monuments, festivals, parks, beaches and delicious gastronomic offerings

  • Krk - it is Croatia’s biggest island with numerous historically important towns with numerous monuments and delicious traditional meals, such as lamb and specially designed pasta

  • Rab - called the happy island of happy people. The island is known for over 30 sandy beaches and a hundred kilometers of hiking and biking trails. It has a reach history and one of the famous Rab inhabitants was Saint Marin, founder of the San Marino state

  • Cres - on this island find various types of beaches (rocky, pebbled, sandy) and hidden coves. You can go sightseeing the city walls and Renaissance churches and palaces. According to the legend, sorcerers Kirka lived on this island (the one who enchanted Odysseus and the Argonauts)

  • Lošinj - the island offers health tourism as a tradition more than a hundred years old. The famous Museum of Apoxyomenos (ancient Greek athlete statue) is there, also an underwater archaeological park

  • Unije - the largest of small islands surrounding the Lošinj island with rich history and a tradition of growing olives, offers pleasant areas for anchoring in picturesque bays


More tourist info find on:

Istria Tourist Board

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