Sailing licences Croatia

Which sailing licenses do you need to charter a catamaran in Croatia?


When chartering a catamaran in Croatia you will need to possess a valid and recognized nautical and VHF  certificate.

According to the law, at least one crew member on the boat must have a valid Navigational and VHF licence. If you don't possess the licence or you don't have enough sailing experience you can always hire a skipper.


Please be aware that some of the catamarans come with a professional skipper (crew) and is not possible to charter a vessel bareboat.


Nautical licences are issued by the port authorities worldwide but not each is recognized by the Croatian authorities. So, please check whether your licence is valid for Croatian territorial waters and listed on the list of recognized certificates for operating boats and yachts in Croatia.

If you want to bareboat charter, it is advisable to send us copies/scans of your licences in advance to confirm the booking. If the licences do not comply with Croatian regulations, we will inform you immediately. 

You need to have the original copies of permits with you on board - do not forget to take it - otherwise, you will not be able to charter a boat.

So, when planning a sailing vacation please check the following:

  • are your nautical licences valid in Croatia
  • are your nautical licences valid for the size of the vessel
  • are your nautical licences out of date?

It is very unpleasant if you come to check-in and you realize that your licences are not appropriate or out of date. 

Communication equipment (VHF) can vary from catamaran to catamaran from smallest VHF short range up to GMDSS license. 


List of licences for operating boats and yachts in Croatia 

sailing licences in Croatia

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