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Croatia is a country of 1000 islands, along the coast, there are 1244 islands, islets, cliffs and reefs. Such a terrain enabled Croatia to have a deep-rooted orientation towards the sea, which is reflected in the everyday life and tradition of its inhabitants - fishing, maritime and shipbuilding.


Sea, olives and vines are the basis of life on the Croatian islands.


If you have not yet decided where to go for the holiday, the ideal choice is to sail the Croatian islands and discover their charms with a catamaran charter.

In recent years, the Croatian coast has been an ideal choice for many sailors.

The Croatian coast really offers a variety of content, from natural resources and untouched nature to a diverse gastronomic offer, traditional delicacies and top wines that are among the best in the world.

On your sailing in Croatia, you will experience the charms of the gastronomic offer, which mainly refers to seafood delicacies and local ingredients in either traditional or modern ways of serving. Let the main food on your trip along the coast of Croatia be fresh fish or shells. Many restaurants offer only fresh fish, prepared raw, baked, dried and even in the form of bread - for example, Vis bread pie. In addition to fresh fish, you have the opportunity to taste crabs, lobsters, and very often on the plates of sailors end up shells - oysters or mussels.

Restaurant near the sea in Croatia -Croatia catamaran


Croatia is also known for the high-quality sheep meat that graze freely on the aromatic grasses of the Croatian islands, which is why their meat is highly valued and special.

If you are not a meat type, it is common to find naturally grown vegetables with special flavors in restaurants and markets due to the abundance of the sun during the year and the very rich dalmatian land.

Traditionally, Dalmatian cuisine is all about olive oil. Croatian olive oils are of excellent quality and one of the best in the world. Sailing along with the islands, you will see a multitude of olive groves, some several hundred years old. In the fall, at harvest time, you can also participate in the olive harvest.

You have to round off the gastronomic experience of Croatia with an excellent drop of wine. The sunny Croatian coast naturally provides a paradise for the growth of many varieties of wine, and some Croatian islands such as Korcula or the Peljesac peninsula have stood out as locations for excellent winemakers and wines. On the one hand, Korcula is known for its white wine, on the other hand, the Peljesac peninsula, known for its excellent red wines.

It is important for sailors that many wineries and vineyards can be accessed by vessel.

Wineyard in Croatian island


In addition, when you rent a catamaran, you can also rent it with a chef who will be happy to tell you a gastronomic story and prepare fresh delicacies, without leaving the boat. All groceries are picked up from local markets depending on which island or area you are visiting.

Luxury catamarans with top chefs can be found here in Croatia catamaran charter base Luxury catamarans in Croatia.

If you are interested in tasting your own fishing luck and trying to catch your own dinner, keep in mind that you must have valid fishing licenses. About the licences read in the article Sailing licences

Catching the fish while sailing


This completes the gastronomic story that is often literally in front of your bow.

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