Visiting Krka waterfalls with chartered catamaran

Visiting Krka waterfalls brings refresh from the summer heat.

Entrance to the canal of St Ante begins with St Nikola fortress dating from the 16th century which is located on its south side. We have to emphasize that all yachts bigger than 50BT have to report entrance to the channel control center Jadera.

After passing the canal we come to the historical town Sibenik which is dominated by the old medieval cathedral of St James, one of the UNESCO world heritage.

skradin croatia catamaran


Going up the river you will pass by shell farms where you can buy mussels and oysters picked fresh from the sea. Passing the Sibenik bridge and small village of Zaton you will find a stunning canyon just before entering the lake of Prokljan with half fresh water and half saltwater. On NW side of lake Prokljan, there is the nice mouth of river Gudaća.

krka waterfalls croatia


Getting up to river Krka you will come to the small town of Skradin, a historical town with paved streets, passages, valutas, and stairs.

The entire town core represents a protected cultural monument. In Skradin you can dock on the city pier or ACI marina Skradin. If you prefer staying on anchor you can drop it opposite to the town on depths from 2 to 4 m. If you charter a catamaran you can go on anchor really close to coast. It's muddy and the ground holds very well.

visovac with boat croatia charter


To Krka waterfalls, you can get only with National Park boats which depart every half hour from city peer. Tickets for National Park can be bought at reception "Krka National Park" before entering the ship. Visitors who bought the ticket online could either have a printed or code on a smartphone.

From Skradinski most to Skradinski Buk, there is a pedestrian and cycling trail length of 3 400 m. Visitors who choose to walk or ride this route can also buy a ticket at the reception at Skradinski Most.

In high season there are lots visitors entering the park and it is recommended to go with first boats which go from 8 AM.

Hope you will enjoy the trip.

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