Fishing license Croatia

Recreational and sport fishing in Croatia

For sport and recreational fishing in Croatia, you need a permit/license, regardless of whether you fish from the shore or from a boat. To purchase a license for fishing in Croatia you need any document from ID such as a passport or ID card.


Where can I fish in Croatia?

From 1 May to 1 October, all types of fishing are prohibited in harbors and small ports, as well as on public beaches and bathing areas.

Fishing (sport and recreational) is allowed throughout the fishing area of the Republic of Croatia, but there are some restricted areas such as national parks and nature reserves where fishing is prohibited or specially regulated.

In addition, sport and recreational fishing is prohibited or regulated differently in special habitats - in the estuaries of the rivers Dragonja, Mirna, Raša, Riječina, Zrmanja, Jadro, Žrnovnica, Cetina, Neretva and Dubrovnik, as well as in the Lim Channel and Fažana, Medulin Bay and Klimno Bay on the island of Krk.

National park Kornati Croatia


About licenses

The types and quantities of gear and equipment that anglers may use to fish at sea, the manner in which they may engage in sport or recreational fishing, the type of permit for engaging in sport or recreational fishing at sea and parangal fishing, and the number of fees for certain types of permits are specified in the Regulation on Sport and Recreational Fishing at Sea.

Where the manner of engaging in sport or recreational fishing at sea is not prescribed by this Regulation, the provisions of the Sea Fisheries Act and the Regulations made thereunder relating to the manner of deployment and use of gear and equipment that may be used in the conduct of economic fishing at sea shall apply).

Sportfishing at sea or recreational fishing at sea can be conducted only with a daily, multi-day, monthly, or annual license for sport or recreational fishing at sea. Annual licenses are allowed only for Croatian citizens.

Recreational licenses:

  • annual recreational licenses valid for the calendar year
  • one-day recreational permits
  • multi-day recreational permits

Sports licenses:

  • yearly athletic licenses valid for the calendar year
  • one-day athletic licenses
  • multi-day athletic licenses

Recreational fishing in Croatia


Special Permissions

Fishing rods (up to three pieces), stand fishing (one or more with up to 100 hooks) and artificial lighting (feral) up to 40 W for a bulb, 30 W for a halogen lamp and 10 W for the LED bulb on board can be issued only with the possession of an annual license for fishing with large gear with a maximum of three accessories (a rod on each accessory) or a fin on each object, can be issued only with the possession of an annual sport license for fishing in the parts of the sea protected by nature conservation regulations in the categories of national parks, special reserves and natural parks.


Permitted fishing gear and equipment

A fisherman who owns a sporting or recreational license may fish from the boat or the coast with the following fishing gear:

  • Withdrawal, up to two (2) pieces
  • with a cannon, up to two (2) pieces
  • withdrawal note (panulom), up to two (2) pieces
  • with a horn-horn leg, a total of two (2) pieces
  • a large sea worm (trap), up to two (2) pieces.

Only the owners of sea fishing sport fishing licenses, in addition to the above-mentioned fishing gear, can perform fishing and underwater rifles, up to two (2) pieces. Fishing rods using fishing rods and load-carrying capacity less than 30 lb are permitted.


Swordfish, Tuna and Spearfish Fishing Licenses

Fishing for swordfish, tuna and spearfish requires a special permit (for one day, three days or seven days). As these are protected species, fishing quotas and hunting areas have been established for them (from 15 October to 15 June). Fishing for these species is carried out according to special regulations:

  • it is forbidden to use hooks made of stainless materials
  • the fisherman may keep one fish per day
  • after the annual quota of tuna has been caught, specimens of these species may no longer be fished and retained
  • each tuna catch must be reported to the Ministry within 24 hours on a special Tuna Catch Report Form in recreational fishing


What about underwater fishing in Croatia?

Underwater fishing is prohibited in Croatia for persons under the age of sixteen.

It is not allowed to hunt with an underwater gun using air bottles and keep them on board while fishing.

Fishing is allowed during the day, from sunrise to sunset, with a signal buoy.


Where to buy a recreational license?

Daily, multi-day and annual recreational permits and the relevant special fishing permits all users (regardless of their place of residence) can buy at the Ministry of Agriculture - Fisheries Administration and its affiliates, licensed legal and natural persons for the sale of recreational fishing licenses at sea Internet.

Licenses for recreational fisheries at sea can be bought online here :


Where to buy a sports license?

All types of licenses for sport fishing are sold by the Croatian Association for Sport Fishing at Sea through its members – the Association for Sport Fishing at Sea.


What are the prices of licenses?

Recreational fishing licenses costs:

  • 60Kn - one day
  • 150Kn - three days
  • 300Kn - seven days
  • 700Kn - 30 days

Licenses for BIG-GAME fishing costs:

  • 120Kn - one day
  • 200Kn - three days
  • 600Kn - seven days
  • 1500Kn - 30 days

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