Sailing during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

What if I charter a yacht in Croatia during the COVID-19 virus?


During this Coronavirus crisis, there is no segment of our lives that is not covered by restrictive measures to prevent the spreading of the virus. The pandemic is affecting all segments of our lives so is traveling abroad and planning trips.

Before planning to travel or charter a boat it is very important to inform yourself about current coronavirus measures in Croatia. All the important information about coronavirus in Croatia and the official statements of the Croatian government and Ministry of Health you can find here.

Despite the coronavirus situation, you can still plan your sailing holiday in Croatia. Don't let the coronavirus ruin your sailing plans and unforgettable vacation in Croatia - all reservations will be saved for a later date.


What can happen?

  • There is a lockdown in your country/in the country of embarkation at the date of departure
  • Mandatory quarantine in your country/in the country of embarkation at the date of departure
  • Travel ban issued by the government of your country with respect to the country of embarkation at the date of departure


All charter reservations will be transfered to the other dates depending on the availability of the catamaran and dates both. This refers to the current season or the next one. 


Useful informations:

  • All catamarans in charter are cleaned and disinfected before quests boarding
  • Please wear your face mask in charter offices
  • It is mandatory to wear your face mask in the shops, supermarkets, public transport, museums etc.
  • It is mandatory to have a Covid passport for visiting events, concerts and other similar public gatherings 

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