Top 4 things to see on Dugi otok island


Located on the south side of Dugi otok Telascica makes a natural protection and safe harbour for sailors. Bay of Telascica is surrounded with 13 island, full of biodiversity and is designated as Nature Park since 1980. It is famous for it's cliffs, rising almost 200 m high above the sea and for the salt lake Mir with it's medicine effects.

Mooring buoys are located all over the park and they are included in the price of the park entrance ticket. Every morning you can buy fresh vegetables and bread from local boat market.

 cliffs telascica

  1. SAKARUN Natural bay with white sandy beach.

Sakarun beach is located on the northwest side of island. It is famous for it's white sand and chrystal clear sea. The bay is shallow and calm so it is quite suitable for families with children. There are few beach bars that offer drinks and light snacks. It is possible to tight up on moorings buoys which are located at the bay. 

sakarun beach 


Located near Veli Rat it is the shipwreck of an Italian merchant ship sank in 1984. Today is very attractive for diving or snorkeling. The wreck is partially above the sea surface so it can be easily located and easily accessible. Sometimes current can be strong, so take care.

michelle dugi rat 


It is 42 meters high and it is the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic. It is located near the place Veli Rat on the northwestern side of the island. It is known for the impressive sunset view from its top. By the lighthouse is a small chapel often used for romantic weddings.

lighthouse veli rat